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M. Mallikarjun

Director & Dean, Faculty of Management

E-mail :

Ph. 07930642601

Alka Mahajan

Dean, Faculty of Technology and Engineering

E-mail :

Ph. 07930642000

Rajesh N Patel

Additional Director, School of Engineering
Institute of Technology

E-mail :

Ph. 07930642110

Manjunath Ghate

Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy

E-mail :

Ph. 07930642712

Sarat Kumar Dalai

Dean, Faculty of Institute of Science

E-mail :

Ph. 079-30642753

Purvi Pokhariyal

Dean, Faculty of Law

E-mail :

Ph. 07930642802

Udai L Paliwal

Dean, Faculty of Commerce

E-mail :

Ph. 07930642624

Utpal Sharma

Dean, Faculty of Architecture and Planning

E-mail :

Ph. 07930642311

Dhaval Pujara

Dean (I/C), Faculty of Doctoral Studies & Research

E-mail :

Ph. 07930642470

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