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Alumni Interactions

The alumni are the most valued resource of the University. Our alumni are working for international and national business and government organisations at different leadership positions. Some of them have become prominent entrepreneurs.

The University maintains a close link with the alumni through a series of activities. Different institutes invite alumni as guest speakers, visiting faculty, and expert to interact with the current students so that the student benefits from their expertise as well as from their network.

Similarly, the institutes organise alumni events and functions where the current students are encouraged to interact with their seniors and develop fruitful relationships with them.

This in turn also improves the University’s connect with alumni. It gives the alumni an opportunity to cash-in on each other’s knowledge and help create a network of well-informed and well-connected alumni, who are willing to help one another and their institute. It also keeps alumni updated about various activities that are happening in the campus, thus helping them to stay connected with their alma mater.


Nagendra Gajjar


Institute of Technology, Nirma University


Phone: 079 3064 2537

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